About Me

I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1997 and received my Ph.D. from Osaka City University in 2004. I began my career as a software engineer at a small startup. In 2007, I joined OMRON Corporation, where I have spent nine years developing various computer vision technologies for mobile applications. In 2016, I established my own company, tiwaki Co., Ltd. To learn more about me, please check my posts on this website written in English, Chinese or Japanese.



As an engineer, I developed the world’s first commercial facial beautifier application for digital cameras and mobile phones in 2007, prior to the release of the first generation of the iPhone. Currently, I hold over 50 patents including granted patents and patent applications in progress. 1 A few of my patents can be found here.


I am working on problems related to computer vision and machine learning. My research interests include saliency detection, object detection, visual retrieval and more. I serve as reviewer for many top tier journals and conferences such as TPAMI, TIP, CVPR and ICCV, and others. I maintain the well-known saliency detection dataset DUT-OMRON and DUTS. Additionally, I am the author of the python implementation of Manifold Ranking Saliency algorithm. You can find my work on Google Scholar and DBLP.


I embarked on a new adventure in my career as an entrepreneur in 2016. Running a startup is never easy, but I relish the challenge and am constantly learning something new.

  1. Global patent in different country areas are counted respectively ↩︎