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Install debian on Matebook X Pro 2019 – old blog in 2019

Note I wrote a blog post on my old website about installing Debian on the Matebook X Pro 2019 in 2019. Although it was written four years ago, I believe it is still relevant and helpful to some people today. I have now copied the post to my new website here, and while some of the information may be outdated, I have not made any updates. Please find the original blog post below I recently purchased the Huawei Matebook X Pro, which I had been eyeing for a few weeks.

Build my own website by oxhugo+loveit+netlify

I am constantly searching for a simple way to maintain and update my personal website. Here is what I would like to achieve: Updating the website without having to leave Emacs Writing all content in org mode Managing versions of my source code Creating a static website with no database or dynamic content generation Enabling full-text search Allowing comments Including LaTeX equations, charts/figures, and multimedia through plain text, which automatically renders on my website Designing a beautiful website Essentially, all I need to do to maintain my website is write some text and save it.

My new personal website

Here comes my new website! I will explain this new website in details soon. 新しい個人ウェブサイトを立ち上げました!このサイトの構築について、後日に説明する予定です。 我的崭新个人网页开张了。过两天会更新一篇文章聊聊这个网站的制作。